Publication 2015

Publication No.32-2015

A. Khanolkar, S. Wallen, M. Abi Ghanem, J. Jenks, N. Vogel and N. BoechlerA self-assembled metamaterial for Lamb wavesApplied Physics Letters 2015, 107, 071903

Publication No.31-2015

M. Schaffner, G. England, M. Kolle, J. Aizenberg, N. VogelCombining bottom-up self-assembly with top-down microfabrication to create hierarchical inverse opals with high structural orderSmall2015, 11, 4334

Publication No.30-2015

N. Vogel, M. Retsch, C.A. Fustin, A. del Campo and U. JonasAdvances in Colloidal Assembly: The Design of Structure and Hierarchy in Two and Three DimensionsChemical Reviews2015, 115, 6265

Publication No.29-2015

R. Friedlander, N. Vogel and J. Aizenberg Role of Flagella in Adhesion of Escherichia coli to Abiotic Surfaces Langmuir 2015, 31, 6137