Dr. Vaibhav Gupta

Center for Functional Particle Systems
Haberstrasse 9a
91058 Erlangen

Office : 0.807

☎ Phone: +49 – 913185-20343
✉ email: vaibhav.gupta@fau.de

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Research Area: Optics, Plasmonics, Colloidal self-assembly 

Curriculum Vitae

  • since 2020: Postdoc in Prof. Vogel’s group, FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
  • 2016-2020: PhD on Functional colloidal surface assemblies: Classical optics meets template-assisted self-assembly from TU Dresden, Germany
  • Master in technology (M.Tech) in Applied Optics from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi, India
  • Bachelor in technology (B. Tech) in Engineering Physics from Delhi Technological University, New Delhi, India


Mechano-tunable chiral metasurfaces via colloidal assembly.Patrick T Probst, Martin Mayer, Vaibhav Gupta, Anja Maria Steiner, Ziwei Zhou, Günter K Auernhammer, Tobias AF König, Andreas FeryNature materials 2021, 1-5

Plasmonic Charge Transfers in LargeScale Metallic and Colloidal Photonic Crystal SlabsSwagato Sarkar, Vaibhav Gupta, Takuya Tsuda, Jeetendra Gour, Arvind Singh, Olha Aftenieva, Anja M Steiner, Marisa Hoffmann, Sunil Kumar, Andreas Fery, Joby Joseph, Tobias AF König
Adv. Funct. Mater. 2021, 31, 2011099

Exploring Plasmonic Resonances Toward “LargeScale” Flexible Optical Sensors with Deformation StabilityAnik Kumar Ghosh, Swagato Sarkar, Lisa Julia Nebel, Olha Aftenieva, Vaibhav Gupta, Oliver Sander, Amit Das, Joby Joseph, Sven Wießner, Tobias AF König, Andreas Fery
Adv. Funct. Mater. 2021, 2101959

S Sarkar, V Gupta, M Kumar, J Schubert, PT Probst, J Joseph, Tobias A F König
Hybridized guided-mode resonances via colloidal plasmonic self-assembled grating
ACS applied materials & interfaces 2019, 11 (14), 13752-13760

V Gupta, PT Probst, FR Goßler, AM Steiner, J Schubert, Y Brasse, TAF König, Andreas Fery
Mechanotunable surface lattice resonances in the visible optical range by soft lithography templates and directed self-assembly
ACS applied materials & interfaces 2019, 11 (31), 28189-28196

Y Brasse, V Gupta, HC Tomohiro Schollbach, M Karg, TAF König, Andreas Fery
Mechanotunable Plasmonic Properties of Colloidal Assemblies
Advanced Materials Interfaces 2019, 7 (5), 1901678

J Ye, R Weichelt, U Kemper, V Gupta, TAF König, A Eychmüller, Ralf Seidel
Casting of Gold Nanoparticles with High Aspect Ratios inside DNA Molds
Small 2020, 16, 2003662