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Research in the self-assembled materials group gravitates around the self-organization of colloidal particles. We seek a fundamental understanding of self-assembly processes to create defined nanostructured materials and surfaces. We investigate the emergence of functional properties from such structures, for example to control the wetting of a surface, to create vivid structural coloration, or to fabricate plasmonic nanostructure arrays.

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Check out our new work on decahedral clusters! Another collaboration in @VogelLab with Chrameh (Engel team) and Silvan (Spiecker team) that continues to unveil the wonders of colloids in spherical confinement! This time, it’s about kinetics!

Crystallization in a sphere… Researchers @UniFAU explain the role of #thermodynamics and #kinetics for bifurcation in #colloidal #crystallization.
@NatureComms @VogelLab #CRC1411 #CRC1452
👉 https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-023-41001-6

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