Current open positions

We are looking for a motivated PhD candidate to work on “Precise nanoscale multiple pore functionalization by wetting-control for sensing applications”

The aim of the project, conducted together with the group of Prof. Andrieu-Brunsen at TU Darmstadt, is to design and use of wetting transitions in nanoporous materials for the selective detection of dissolved model analytes, such as heavy metal ions, based on a simple, visual optical readout mechanism encoded directly within the material.
Our role in the project is to prepare hierarchically porous materials, namely inverse opals, functionalize them with molecules able to change the wettability of the surface, and characterize their behavior as sensors. 

Skills required:

  • Surface functionalization
  • Surface characterization
    (with a focus on wetting)
  • Basics of colloidal and interface science
  • Basics of optics

We are looking for a motivated PhD candidate to work on “Fabrication of composite supraparticle powders for biomedical additive manufacturing”

In this project, we aim to use the self-assembly of colloidal primary particles to prepare polymeric and composite supraparticles with defined composition by a scalable spray-dring process. These supraparticles will be used as powder materials for the fabrication of tailored biomaterials for bone tissue engineering by additive manufacturing using a powder bed fusion process.
Tasks in the project extend from the synthesis of polymeric and additive colloidal particles, to optimization of the spray drying process, as well as the characterization of the powders and the 3D-printed specimens. The printing process itself will be performed in collaboration with the Institute of Photonic Technologies at FAU.

Skills required:

  • Colloidal chemistry, in particular emulsion or miniemulsion polymerization

  • Spray drying and powder characterisation

  • Additive Manufacturing, in particular powder bed fusion processes.

We are looking for a motivated PhD candidate to work on “Understanding, characterization and replication of structural coloration in peacock mutants”

The aim of the project, conducted together with the group of Prof. Miguel Carneiro at University of Porto, is to broadly understand the evolution of color in peacock mutants and its genetic origins.
In the Vogel group, a PhD student will focus on the characterization of peacock feathers, and to correlate in detail the structure and resultant optical properties, using optical micro-spectroscopy, correlative microscopy, as well as electron and X-ray tomography, all available at the facilities at FAU. Building on the generated structure-property relations, we aim to reproduce the coloration of the peacocks by colloidal self-assembly techniques.
The research will be in close collaboration with the Carneiro group at University of Porto, where a research stay and regular visits are envisioned.
We are seeking for a motivated student with expertise in one or more of the following scientific fields:
• Physics of structural color
• Characterization of structural color in natural or artificial systems by optical spectroscopy
• Structure characterization techniques, especially correlative microscopy or tomography
• Colloidal physics or chemistry and self- assembly

We are always looking for enthusiastic scientists capable of working in an interdisciplinary team. If you are interested in creating materials by simple self-assembly processes, pattern surfaces with high precision without relying on sophisticated equipment or simply enjoy watching colloids on their quest to find an energetic minimum position get in touch.