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Amna Abdeljaoued

Amna Abdeljaoued

Particle Processing | Process Technology & Engineering

Redenbacher Chaussee 4

63457 Hanau-Wolfgang


☎ Phone: +49 – 152 – 09353374
✉ email:

Research Interests: Electrostatic separation of Nano plastics from wastewater

in cooperation with Evonik Operations GmbH | Technology & Infrastructure

Curriculum Vitae

  • Studied Chemical Engineering at National Institute of Applied Science and Technology-Tunis and Troy University-AL-USA.
  • Graduation Engineering Internship at Electrochemistry lab-BIP in National Scientific Research Center CNRS-Marseille-France.
  • Summer Internship and Exchange student at Johnson Lab-Troy-AL-USA.
  • Chemical Engineer/ Predoctoral student among a Mediterranean project between UM6P- Morocco and INRAE-Montpellier-France.
  • Hobbies: Exploring new cultures- Yoga- Jogging- Hiking-Reading.
  • Born and raised in Tunisia.