Colloidal Lithography

Publication N0.92_2021

Marcel Rey, Fedja J. Wendisch, Eric S.A. Goerlitzer, Jo Sing J. Tang, Romina S. Bader, Gilles R. Bourret, Nicolas VogelAnisotropic Silicon Nanowire Arrays Fabricated by Colloidal LithographyNanoscale Advances, 2021, 3,… Read More »Publication N0.92_2021

Publication No.84-2020

Fedja J. Wendisch , Mehri Abazari, Valerie Werner, Horia Barb, Marcel Rey, Eric S. A. Goerlitzer, Nicolas Vogel, Hossein Mahdavi,Gilles R. Bourret Spatioselective Deposition of Passivating and Electrocatalytic Layers on… Read More »Publication No.84-2020

Publication No. 83_2020

Fedja J. Wendisch, Marcel Rey, Nicolas Vogel, Gilles R. Bourret Large-Scale Synthesis of Highly Uniform Silicon Nanowire Arrays Using Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching Chem. Mater. 2020, 32, 21, 9425–9434

Publication No.51-2018

J. S. Tang, R. Bader, E. S. A. Goerlitzer, J. F. Wendisch, G. R. Bourret, M. Rey and N. Vogel Surface patterning with SiO2@PNiPAm core-shell particles ACS Omega 2018, 3, 12089