Publication 2010

Publication No.6-2010

N. Vogel, C. P. Hauser, K. Schuller, K. Landfester and C.K. Weiss, Accurate elemental analysis of metal-containing polymer latexes using ICP – optical emission spectroscopy Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 2010, 12,… Read More »Publication No.6-2010

Publication No.5-2010

N. Vogel, M. Jung, N.L. Bocchio, M. Retsch, M. Kreiter and I. Köper, Reusable localized surface plasmon sensors based on ultrastable nanostructures SMALL 2010, 6, 104

Publication No.4-2010

M. Retsch, K. Dostert, S. Nett, N. Vogel, J. Gutmann and U. Jonas, Template-free structuring of colloidal hetero-monolayers by inkjet printing and particle floating Soft Matter 2010, 6, 2403