Publication 2011

Publication No.13-2011

N. Vogel, U. Ziener, A. Manzke, A. Plettl, P. Ziemann, J. Biskupek, C.K. Weiss and K. Landfester Platinum nanoparticles from size adjusted functional colloidal particles generated by a seeded emulsion… Read More »Publication No.13-2011

Publication No.12-2011

C.R. Van den Brom, N. Vogel, C.P. Hauser, S. Goerres, M. Wagner, K. Landfester and C.K. Weiss Interfacial activity of metal beta-diketonato complexes: in situ generation of amphiphiles by water… Read More »Publication No.12-2011

Publication No.11-2011

N. Vogel, S. Goerres, K. Landfester and C.K. Weiss A convenient method to produce close- and non-close-packed colloidal monolayers using direct assembly at the air-water interface and subsequent plasma induced… Read More »Publication No.11-2011

Publication No.10-2011

N. Vogel, L. de Viguerie, U. Jonas, C.K. Weiss and K. Landfester Wafer scale fabrication of binary colloidal crystals with controlled stoichiometric compositions Advanced Functional Materials 2011, 21, 3064

Publication No.9-2011

A. Manzke*, N. Vogel*, C.K. Weiss, U. Ziener, A. Plettl, K. Landfester and P. Ziemann Arrays of size and distance controlled platinum nanoparticles fabricated by a colloidal method Nanoscale 2011, 3,… Read More »Publication No.9-2011

Publication No.8-2011

M. Jung, N. Vogel and I. Köper, Nanoscale patterning of solid-supported membranes by integrated diffusion barriers     Langmuir 2011, 27, 7008

Publication N0.7-2011

N. Vogel*, J. Fischer*, R. Mohammadi, M. Retsch, H.J. Butt, K. Landfester, C.K. Weiss and Max Kreiter, Plasmon hybridization in stacked double crescents arrays fabricated by colloidal lithography Nano Letters 2011, 11,… Read More »Publication N0.7-2011