Publication 2014

Publication No.27-2014

S. Sunny*, N. Vogel*, C. Howell, T. L. Vu, and J. AizenbergLubricant-infused Nanoparticulate Coatings Assembled by Layer-by-Layer DepositionAdvanced Functional Materials 2014, 24, 6658

Publication No.26-2014

K. R. Phillips, N. Vogel, I.B. Burgess, C.C. Perry and J. AizenbergDirectional Wetting in Anisotropic Inverse OpalsLangmuir 2014, 30, 7615

Publication No.25-2014

N. Vogel, J. Ally, K. Bley, M. Kappl, K. Landfester and C. K. WeissDirect visualization of the interfacial position of colloidal particles and their assembliesNanoscale 2014, 6, 6879

Publication No.24-2014

K. R. Phillips, N. Vogel, Y. Hu, M. Kolle, C.C. Perry and J. AizenbergTunable anisotropy in inverse opals : mechanism and emerging optical propertiesChemistry of Materials 2014, 26, 1622

Publication No.23-2014

K. Bley, N. Sinatra, N. Vogel, K. Landfester and C.K. WeissSwitching light with light – Advanced functional colloidal monolayersNanoscale 2014, 6, 492