Self-Cleaning Surfaces

Publication No.46-2018

Y. Galvan, K. R. Phillips, M. Haumann, P. Wasserscheid, R. Zarraga and N. Vogel Ionic liquid-infused nanostructures as repellent surfaces Langmuir 2018, 34 (23), 6894-6902

Publication No.40-2017

S. Amini, S. Kolle, L. Petrone, O. Ahanotu, S. Sunny, C. N. Sunanto, S. Hoon, L. Cohen, J.C. Weaver, J. Aizenberg, N. Vogel, and A. Miserez Preventing mussel adshesion using lubricant-infused… Read More »Publication No.40-2017

Publication No.37-2016

S. Sunny, G. Cheng, D. Daniel, P. Lo, S. Ochoa, C. Howell, N. Vogel, A. Majid and J. Aizenberg Transparent Antifouling Material for Improved Operative Field Visibility in Endoscopy Proceedings of… Read More »Publication No.37-2016

Publication No.22-2013

N. Vogel, R. Belisle, T.S. Wong, B. Hatton and Joanna Aizenberg Transparency and damage tolerance of patternable omniphobic lubricated surfaces based on inverse colloidal monolayers Nature Communications 2013, 4, 2176