Structural Colouration

Publication No.64-2019

Junwei Wang, Umair Sultan, Eric S. A. Goerlitzer, Chrameh Fru Mbah, Michael Engel, Nicolas Vogel Structural Color of Colloidal Clusters as a Tool to Investigate Structure and Dynamics Adv. Funct.… Read More »Publication No.64-2019

Publication No.54-2018

J. Wang. C. F. Mbah, T. Przybilla, B. A. Zubiri, E. Spiecker, M. Engel, and N. Vogel Magic Colloidal Clusters as Minimum Free Energy Structures Nature Comm. 2018, 9, 5259

Publication No.47-2018

E. S. A. Goerlitzer, R. N. Klupp Taylor, and N. Vogel Bioinspired photonic pigments based on colloidal self-assembly Advanced Materials2018, 30, 1706654

Publication No.39-2017

G. T. England, C. Russell, E. Shirman, T. Kay, N. Vogel, and J. Aizenberg The optical Janus effect: Asymmetric structural color reflection materials Advanced Materials 2017, 29, 1606876