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A chiral plasmonics review? Don´t panic, we have you covered! In our review, we discuss mostly harmless theory, as well as the design and fabrication of large-area chiral plasmonic substrates. We hope this more tutorial-style review provides easy access to the complex field, and brings chiral plasmonics closer to applications and multidisciplinary research. Please find our review in Advanced Optical Materials at
This review was a great collaborative effort between Lisa Poulikakos´ lab and the Vogel lab – thank you all very much for this great opportunity.
Here is the toc summary: Chiral plasmonics fascinates researchers from diverse backgrounds. As the field matures, its transfer toward applications requires easy access to the underlying physics, guidance in proper optical characterization, as well as simple and large-area methods to fabricate substrates. These issues are addressed with a brief introduction to chiral plasmonics and a comprehensive overview of large-area fabrication techniques.