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Dr. Giulia Magnabosco

Center for Functional Particle Systems
Haberstrasse 9a
91058 Erlangen

Office : 0.804

☎ Phone: +49 –  9131 85-20340
✉ Email:

Personal Website
Google scholar

Research Interests: Inverse opals for functional applications, Outreach

Curriculum Vitae

since 2020: Postdoc in Prof. Vogel group, FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg

2018-2019: Postdoc in Prof. Falini group, University of Bologna

2017: Visiting PhD student in Prof. Aizenberg group, Harvard University

2015-2018: Ph.D in Chemistry (Advanced Materials for Functional and Structural Applications), University of Bologna
Dissertation title: “Design of Bioinspired Inorganic Materials for Advanced Functional Applications”.

2013-2015: Master Student in Photochemistry and Molecular Materials, University of Bologna

2010-2013: Bachelor Student in Chemistry and Chemistry of Materials, University of Bologna

Selected publications:

Magnabosco, G.; Papiano, I.; Aizenberg, M.; Aizenberg, J.; Falini, G.
Beyond Biotemplating: Multiscale Porous Inorganic Materials with High Catalytic Efficiency
Chem. Comm. 2020,56(23), 3389-3392

Magnabosco, G.; Hauzer, H.; Fermani, S.; Calvaresi, M.; Corticelli, F.; Christian, M.; Albonetti, C.; Morandi, V.; Erez, J.; Falini, G.
Bionic Synthesis of Magnetic Calcite Skeletal Structure through Living Foraminifera.
Mater. Horizons 2019, 6(9), 1862-1867

Magnabosco, G.; Di Giosia, M. ; Polishchuk, I.; Weber, E.; Fermani, S.; Bottoni, A.; Zerbetto, F.; Pelicci, P. G.; Pokroy, B.; Rapino, S.; Falini, G.; Calvaresi, M.
Calcite Single Crystals as Hosts for Atomic‐Scale Entrapment and Slow Release of Drugs
Advanced healthcare materials, 2015, 4(10), 1510-1516