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Yara’s paper

A new paper by our PhD student Yara was just published in ACS Omega! In this work, we showed how hierarchical surface roughness can enhance the stability of a ionic liquid… Read More »Yara’s paper

Herbert’s defense

Yesterday Herbert successfully defended his PhD thesis, becoming the second PhD graduate from the Vogel Group. Congratulations!

Eric review

A chiral plasmonics review? Don´t panic, we have you covered! In our review, we discuss mostly harmless theory, as well as the design and fabrication of large-area chiral plasmonic substrates.… Read More »Eric review

anisotropic Si nanowire

Together with Fedja Wendisch and Gilles R. Bourret we fabricated anisotropic Si nanowire arrays over large areas. The pallet of the possible cross-sections was extended to elliptical and crescent-shaped wires using MACE and colloidal… Read More »anisotropic Si nanowire

Salvas paper

A new paper by our PhD student Salvatore was just accepted in Advanced Materials Interfaces! In this work, we showed how repellent liquid-infused surfaces can adhere to various substrates via mussel-inspired… Read More »Salvas paper

Teresa girls day

Teresa showed her research project “Auf Rutschpartie mit der Kannenpflanze” to interested young female students and answered questions about being a female scientist in engineering at the Girls Day of Bionicum Nürnberg… Read More »Teresa girls day

Teresa and salva at bionicum

Salvatore and Teresa presented their research on the Baybionik project “Auf Rutschpartie mit der Kannenpflanze” at the “Ideenforum Bionicum” last week. You can watch the virtual event on YouTube.  

Johannes soft matter paper

New paper by Johannes about the phase behavior of binary microgel mixtures has been accepted in Soft Matter  

Eric poster prize

Eric won a prize for his contributed talk about ‘Chiral Surface Lattice Resonances’ in this year’s nanoGe spring meeting (#NSM21). The symposium about self-organization at all scales (#SELFNC21) took place… Read More »Eric poster prize

Eric SPIE vice president

We are pleased to announce that Eric was elected as the vice president of “SPIE student chapter” at Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg. SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, was… Read More »Eric SPIE vice president

Soft Interface Seminar

Nicolas presents a seminar with the title “Tailoring structural coloration in self-assembled materials” as a part of the lecture series „Soft Interface Seminar“ organized by our Japanese colleagues Prof. Takahara-sensei,… Read More »Soft Interface Seminar

MRS Meeting 2020

2020 Virtual MRS session: Lessons from nature: from biology to bioinspired materials featuring members of the Aizenberg family. For nearly 50 years, researchers from around the world have converged in… Read More »MRS Meeting 2020

Zoom Photo Group

It was about time to update our group photo. Due to the current restrictions of the covid pandemic, our meetings are currently virtual. We all hope that we will be… Read More »Zoom Photo Group

Tobis Startup

Our alumnus Tobias was featured in the last week’s edition of the well-known German economics magazine “Wirtschaftswoche” together with his brother. They have founded the company Atlas Aero GmbH in… Read More »Tobis Startup