Eric SPIE vice president

We are pleased to announce that Eric was elected as the vice president of “SPIE student chapter” at Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg. SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, was… Read More »Eric SPIE vice president

Soft Interface Seminar

Nicolas presents a seminar with the title “Tailoring structural coloration in self-assembled materials” as a part of the lecture series „Soft Interface Seminar“ organized by our Japanese colleagues Prof. Takahara-sensei,… Read More »Soft Interface Seminar

MRS Meeting 2020

2020 Virtual MRS session: Lessons from nature: from biology to bioinspired materials featuring members of the Aizenberg family. For nearly 50 years, researchers from around the world have converged in… Read More »MRS Meeting 2020

Zoom Photo Group

It was about time to update our group photo. Due to the current restrictions of the covid pandemic, our meetings are currently virtual. We all hope that we will be… Read More »Zoom Photo Group

Tobis Startup

Our alumnus Tobias was featured in the last week’s edition of the well-known German economics magazine “Wirtschaftswoche” together with his brother. They have founded the company Atlas Aero GmbH in… Read More »Tobis Startup

Advanced Material Cover

Our result on plasmonic chiral surface lattice resonances is featured on this week’s back cover of Advanced Materials. Congratulations, Eric!

Small Journal Cover

Our result on Wetting‐Controlled Localized Placement of Surface Functionalities within Nanopores is featured on this week’s cover of Small. Congratulations!

New Collaboration

ITN Network Limnoplast starts research on microplastics in freshwater systems The Vogel group participates as a partner in the “LimnoPlast” EU research and training project on the distribution of microplastics… Read More »New Collaboration

Poster Award

At this years annual poster presentation of the Advanced Materials and Science masters-programm, Lukas was awarded the best poster prize for the presentation of his work on synthetic opals. Besides, Nicolas… Read More »Poster Award

Marcel’s Defence

Marcel successfully defended his PhD thesis on 6 of December 2019 and received his doctor title. Dr. Marcel Rey is now the first PhD from the Vogel lab. Congratulations! We wish Marcel all… Read More »Marcel’s Defence

Attending Conference

A serious scientific discussion with Prof. Syuji Fujii from Osaka Institute of Technology during the Okinawa 2019 conference at which Nicolas and Marcel presented research from the Vogel lab.

New Collaboration

A new collaborative research center, funded by the German Science Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) has been granted to an interdisciplinary team of scientists at FAU, headed by Prof. Wolfgang Peukert. The… Read More »New Collaboration