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On August 8, the annual outing of Vogel lab took place in the beautiful region of Franconian Switzerland in Bavaria.  Thank you all for joining and making it a memorable day!

Teresa‘s research with the title “Cell interaction with nanostructured surfaces for bone tissue engineering” was selected as the second best poster in Zsigmondy colloquium 2019 and won the prize. Congratulation Teresa!

Together with the groups of Michael Engel and Erdmann Spiecker, we have advanced the understanding of the structure, defect accumulation and thermodynamics of colloidal clusters on and off magic numbers. Read all details here….

Vogel’s lab shared his recent findings with the German colloidal society at Zsigmondy colloquium 2019. Reza, Eric, Teresa and Salvatore presented their work during the colloquium which took place  on July 10-12 in Dresden. 

At the closing event of the project course in chemical and process engineering (CBPT), group 28, consisting of Harald Heier, Leonie Knott, Patricia Schmul and Sebastian Weigelt, supervised by Salvatore Chiera and Herbert Canziani won the 1st poster price on the topic of bio-inspired surface design. Congratulation to the group!

Why are the leaves of the lotus plant growing in the mud always clean? How is the slippery surface of the pitcher plant created? Why are not the colors of the butterflies fading? Herbert will answer all these questions and perform exciting experiments on July 14 at the “Tag des Botanischen Gartens” at the booth “Experimentieren mit Pflanzen: Geniale Tricks selbst entdecken”. Interested?, then visit us!

Teresa and Salvatore officially started their joint project with BayBionik of StMUV. Here you can learn more about the project.

Having fun with scientists in the battlefield! Shooting light particles at each other – pew pew pew.

Celebrating Persian new year in Erlangen! Sale no mobarak…

Atsushi Fujiwara visits our group to work on the fabrication of supraparticles from January to March. Atsushi is a PhD student from Japan in the group of Prof. Satoshi Watanabe at Kyoto University, whose work focuses on the synthesis and properties of metal organic framework nanoparticles. This is the second visit of Atsushi to Erlangen as a result of a German-Japan international collaboration project funded by the German Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Auslandsdienst, DAAD).

Congratulations to Umair for graduating as fresh Master of Science!